"Suited Connectors finds the perfect mix of old-school jazz & funk combined with a modern pop structure and topline, making for an amazingly unique and exciting new sound."
"Suited Connectors may be the artist who sparks a funk revival for the younger generations."

Suited Connectors is a brand new music project aimed at bringing groovyness back to the music industry.

A massive fan of funk and jazz fusion, Suited Connectors wants to showcase these legendary genres of yesterday in a more modern light, hoping to appeal to the ears of today. Suited Connectors' debut recording, Real Deal, aims at doing just that, by merging funk, soul, and jazz sounds with the simplicity and catchy-ness of contemporary pop.

Based out of Chicago, Suited Connectors enjoys traversing the countless venues that are home to the many talented Chicago musicians, both new and old.

Suited Connectors has previously released electronic instrumental music under the name, Empyrean.

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